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Destroy These Cards is a collaborative project featuring work by artists from around the world. Each card features unique artwork, usually related to the theme of the card. At the bottom of each card is the artist's name along with a link to the website of their choice.

If you are accepted, we will send you several card ideas and a few general guidelines. You can pick as many cards from the list that we give you, and then create whatever you want. We are firm believers in letting creative people do creative work, however we can always provide additional guidance to anyone who desires it.

We will notify all applicants on our final decisions shortly after the Kickstarter ends.
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Note: All names will be in a FirstName LastName format. We do not allow usernames or tag names. If you do not want your real name on the card, you can create a pseudonym or we can help you make a pseudonym.
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The artist maintains all rights to any art they create for the game. We promise not to sell the artist's work or use it outside the game or the game's promotion. In exchange for the artist's permission to use the work in Destroy These Cards, we will credit the artist on the bottom of the card with a link to the website of the artist's choice.
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