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Supporting Parents with Children that need Patching Therapy
We are a software company building interactive experiences for healthcare. We are a spinout of the University of Southampton.

We are interested in finding out the difficulties encountered by parents and caregivers of children undergoing patching treatment. We want to know about the strategies they have found helpful, and what we can do to help improve the experience of patching therapy.
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How well do you understand your child’s condition? Why patching is necessary, the consequences of not patching, etc.
Describe your child’s patching routine (please be as detailed as you can).
Do you ever miss a time of patching? If so, why might that be?
What are the most effective strategies you’ve found to help with your child’s patching treatment?
What else would help you to manage your child’s patching treatment?
Do you use your phone (e.g. alerts, reminders, planner apps) to help you with your child’s patching treatment?
If a phone app could help you managing your child’s patching treatment, what features should that app have?
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