iTunes Giveaway December 1-10 2015
The form "iTunes Giveaway December 1-10 2015" is no longer accepting responses.

The winners are:


Jill James ~ Laura S

Heather C. Leigh ~ Sumon T

Kristine Mason ~ Alysha P

Carolyn Crane ~ Sheila R

Lucy Carol ~ Demetra I

KF Breene ~ Krys B

Sylvia McDaniel ~ Zeinab D

Ellis Leigh ~ Melissa O

Tabitha Conall ~ Gigi

Andra Watkins ~ Corissa P

Rachel Hanna ~ Raeline P

Eliza Gayle ~ Scarlett O

Elena Aitken ~ Anita B

Patricia McLinn ~ Katrina R

MJ Fredrick ~ Don C

Annie Nicholas ~ Sylve T

Jordan K. Rose ~ Esther G

Missy Lynn Ryan ~ Martin E

Alexia Purdy ~ Norma S

Michelle Fox ~ Karen L

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