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2018 Fall Facility Information Sheet
Please have Facility Director (or Captain) enter Blackout Dates and Facility Constraints on this Form by December 29, 2017
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Is there anything special I need to know about your site? (In this section give me your general parameters of the hosting availability of your site: i.e. general court availability for me to schedule home matches, which might look like this: Fri 10:00 - 6 cts avail. S/S 1:00 - 9 cts avail., 3:00 - 12 cts avail.) *
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Please Indicate which dates are blackout dates at your site by checking BO if your facility is unable to host a match that day. If you CAN host, then don't check anything for that date. If you can host with restrictions, i.e. an alternate site, or limited number of courts (different than what you've indicated you can normally provide on the question above) then check the "Other" option and input that information specific to that day (i.e. 6 cts at KHS available this day). Regardless of whether you are a WD or WE team, please fill out the BO dates for all WD and WE days.
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SA 2/24
SA 3/3
SA 3/10
SA 3/17
SA 3/24
SA 3/31
SA 4/7
SA 4/14
SA 4/21
SA 4/28
SA 5/5
SA 5/12
SAT 5/19
SAT 5/26 (Memorial Day WE)
SAT 6/2 (ABCD OB II & III only)
Okay to schedule my home matches on Sundays
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