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2017 IdeaFestival™ Student Speaker Application
Do you have an idea worth spreading? Consider sharing your innovative idea, experience or research through a short, powerful talk to help your audience develop a deeper understanding of our world.

Your thinking can be heard by hundreds at the 2017 Bluegrass IdeaFestival™Youth Day on April 19, 2017.
Join us to make a lasting impact. Inspire us. Let's be curious together.

Your ideas are better than ours.
Your peers will likely share your intrigue and inspiration for your topics.
But to get your neurons firing, below are a few topics to consider. Your topic ideas are NOT limited to these ideas.
We encourage outside-the-box themes.

-My Epic Failure
-What I wish I knew before college
-Changing the world before 20: Civic Engagement
- Musings from the iGeneration on _____________.
-Why I chose a community & technical college
-Changing my major/career—pitfalls and successes
-The Millennial Parodox
-How did I navigate my transition to life after high school?
-It’s OK to not know today what you want to do for the rest of your life. How did you choose your major/career?

The format of these talks are based on TED Teen Talks.
2016 TED Teen Talks
Computer Driven Machine
One Less Lonely Girl... or Boy
The Super 'I"
The Shakespearean Experience for Children
Expanding Scientific Horizons

2013 IdeaFestival™ Talks Recap:
Examples of Teen TED Talk:


How to Write Your Own Story
Make Your Own Way
Why I Live a Waste Free Life
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