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BMEN response form for volunteers
This form is a follow up form for people volunteering through BMEN's COVID19 response team. It is intended to capture demographic information for populations served. We also use this form to record individuals preferred method of money transfer to help cover the cost of gas, as well as cost related to response efforts.

For questions email
Email *
Delivery Date *
First Name *
Last Name *
What is your preferred method of receiving gas money for transporting funds? *
If you selected paypal, what is your paypal link info?
Where did you transport from? *
What addresses did you deliver to? (if unknown what area) *
How many families were served by the items you transported? *
How many individuals were served by the items that you transported? *
What organization were you transporting items from?
What is your estimate of distance traveled? *
How many drop offs did you make? *
What is your estimate of miles traveled? *
What feedback do you have for how the delivery process went? Is there anything that can help things go more smoothly?
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