Geneseo Gumbo to Go Tickets --- Look at having a paypal button and only offer tickets online that are paid for. Not reservations. Then we may get a better handle on numbers at the last minute.
The form "GeneseoGumboTickets" is no longer accepting responses. THERE STILL MAY BE Gumbo DINNERS TO PURCHASE. Stop by ~ 6pm, Thursday, Nov 2nd to the Geneseo Central Presbyterian Church kitchen door to see if there are still dinners available.

Our next Gumbo to Go will be April 12, 2018.

If you would like to be on the Gumbo to Go email list, send your request to "Like" our Gumbo-To-Go-Dinner-Biannual-Fundraiser-for-Livingston-Cares-Facebook Page.
Support LC CARES while you shop on Amazon at then select "Livingston County Cares, Inc." Thanks for supporting Livingston CARES!

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