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As members of the University of Washington (Seattle) community, we call on President Ana Mari Cauce and Provost Mark Richards to take immediate action to ensure the health and safety of people on campus, particularly Black and other persons of color, by protecting them from police violence by 1) the Seattle Police Department and 2) The UW Police Department.

The national Movement For Black Lives has given the UW community an invitation to uphold our values of justice, equity, and anti-racism, and cease collaboration with police violence. We bear witness to the ongoing harms that police violence enacts against Black and Native lives. In the interests of public health and safety, we call on the University of Washington to cease cooperation with local law enforcement.

Specifically, we call on UW to break all ties (both informal and formal in the form of contracts, agreements, and MOUs) with Seattle Police Department by taking the following steps:
1) Immediately stop handing over people detained by UW Police Department to local law enforcement agencies.
2) Stop using SPD to respond to public safety needs, including referrals for welfare checks under the Safe Campus program.
3) Stop using SPD for additional security for any events, including football games, concerts, and ceremonies.

UW Seattle also has its own police force, UW Police Department (UWPD), that intimidates Black, Native and other members of our community by patrolling with guns and dogs. The September 2016 UW-commissioned “independent investigation” described racial profiling, excessive force and a failure to de-escalate at every opportunity without recommending policy changes. While the UW Concerned Faculty group responded to this report by calling for police accountability reforms in 2016 and 2017, the administration did not act on their recommendations. Reimagining Safe Campus requires a rethinking of policing itself in ways that do not rely on state violence. This will entail the effective redesign of training, assessment, and career development programs for UW Police.

Specifically, we call on UW Seattle to reimagine a Safe Campus as follows:
1) Disarm UWPD officers.
2) Ban the use of police dogs, which many communities of color in the US associate with the terror of state violence.
3) Publicly commit to not hiring former police officers with disciplinary records as UW Police Officers.

We support all related efforts at UW Bothell and UW Tacoma, and the Black Student Union’s demands.

Faculty signatories (including Lecturers)
Kemi Adeyemi; Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Jayadev Athreya; Department of Mathematics and Department of Comparative History of Ideas
Rachel Chapman; Department of Anthropology
Angélica Cházaro; School of Law
Jean Dennison; Department of American Indian Studies
Megan Ming Francis; Department of Political Science
Carrie Freshour; Department of Geography
Radhika Govindrajan; Department of Anthropology
Gillian Harkins; Department of English
Bettina Judd; Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Moon-Ho Jung; Department of History
La TaSha Levy; Department of American Ethnic Studies
Edwin Lindo; School of Medicine
Django Paris; College of Education
Rae Paris; Department of English
James Pfeiffer; Department of Global Health and Department of Anthropology
LaShawnDa Pittman; Department of American Ethnic Studies
Chandan Reddy; Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies and Department of Comparative History of Ideas
Ileana Rodriguez-Silva; Department of History
Stephanie Smallwood; Department of History
Manka Varghese; College of Education
Sasha Su-Ling Welland; Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies
Megan Ybarra; Department of Geography
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