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Request for Counselor Letter of Recommendation for Summer Programs and Scholarships
IA Counseling Department form for students needing letters of recommendation for summer programs, scholarships, volunteer and work experiences, etc. THIS IS NOT THE REQUEST FORM FOR A COLLEGE LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION.
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Specifically comment on what you think you will give to this experience and take away from the experience.
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Do you understand that it is your responsibility to follow up with the counseling secretary to make sure your letter of recommendation is submitted by the deadline? If materials must be mailed to the institution, the router form must clearly state the address. *
FERPA Release: We need to share with you some information about privacy, and we'll need you to answer a question before you proceed. Applying to programs often involves your high school sending transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other documents to outside organizations for reasons like a scholarship opportunity, job application, or military service. Your personal information in these documents is protected under regulation known as the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. We need to make sure you understand your rights and tell us that it's OK to send these documents. The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) is a Federal law that protects the privacy of student education records and gives students/parents certain rights with respect to reviewing and challenging education records. Some protections provided under FERPA prevent or otherwise limit the disclosure of personally identifiable information contained in education records typically requested by colleges, scholarship providers, and employers as part of their application processes. The "Release Authorization" you are being asked to provide below authorizes us to send transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other application-related documents to the colleges and institutions to which you are applying. *
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