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Advisory Committee Application
Thank you for your interest in JSPAC. Please complete form and submit a resume to This form along with your resume will be provided to the JSPAC Advisory Committee for consideration. NOTE: Please click on the links below to verify if there are any membership openings in K-12 or Community College, Public/Private Sector or you may email your question to the email address mentioned above. If applying for membership and there are no openings, we encourage you to submit an application for an *Supporting Members position until there is a vacancy in your region for K-12 or Community College, or Public/Private Sector. Supporting Members positions do not receive travel reimbursements to attend the three quarterly meetings and conference nor is it mandated for this position to attend the meetings or conference.

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*Advisory Members terms of appointment is three year terms.
*Supporting Member positions are volunteers, therefore terms of service is not required.

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The JSPAC meets in person three times per year (April, September, December) and also sponsors a statewide conference (December). The subcommittee meetings vary but usually are every other month for an hour via conference call. JSPAC provides funding for travel reimbursements for advisory members. *Supporting Member positions will not be reimbursed for travel. NOTE: If applying for Supporting Member positions please be sure to check if you have funding to attend the meetings and conference.
Once you have been appointed to the committee as a member or "Supporting Member" position, an email will be sent to your supervisor describing the committee and your position.
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Thank you for your interest. Please submit your resume or if you have additional questions to
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