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STAR Ltd Feedback
Thank you for supporting STAR Ltd's mission of providing opportunities for creative growth, personal development and leadership in the visual and performing arts for youth and young adults in the Baltimore-D.C. region.

We are excited each year to build our summer workshop offerings, and as a nonprofit Board, we want your feedback so we can keep improving our workshop content and other offerings. We appreciate you taking the time to complete this short, anonymous survey.

STAR offers a summer workshop for three age groups. Please share your experiences with us:
1. What age group did your child participate in during the 2017 Summer Workshop? (Check all that apply, or if you wish, please fill out additional surveys for different age children): *
2. How many years has/ve your child(ren) participated in a STAR workshop? *
3. How do you feel about the show selections each year? *
Not impressed
Love the shows!
4. How do you feel about the workshop's venue? *
It could be better
It's great!
5. Does your child enjoy the workshop's daily activities? *
S/he is totally bored
S/he loves coming to camp each day!
6. How likely are you to recommend STAR workshops to your friends? *
Very unlikely
Very likely
7. Any other comments about summer workshop?
Your answer
In the past, STAR has offered a Holiday Show and a Spring Showcase. We're exploring the possibility of offering such events again, along with some other short programs. What is your interest level in the following additional programming ideas?
1. A Christmas Show (example time commitment: rehearsals start in September; Sundays 3-7pm; two-three performances on the first or second weekend in December) *
Not Interested
Sign me up!
2. A Showcase Night (similar time commitment to the Christmas show; a review of sorts; perhaps in late winter, early spring) *
Not Interested
Sign me up!
3. Audition workshops (example time commitment: one weekend afternoon in preparation for summer workshop, school plays, etc.) *
Not Interested
Sign me up!
4. STAR leadership and team building workshop (one afternoon, most likely for Teens) *
Not Interested
Sign me up!
5. Do you have any other thoughts on additional workshops or programs your child(ren) would be interested in? *
Your answer
STAR is a 501(c)(3) non profit that works within a tight budget. In order to keep ticket prices and tuition costs competitive with other workshops, we hold fundraisers.
1. How do you rate the overall value of your child’s experience at the STAR summer workshop? *
Little to no value for the cost
Great value for the cost
2. Did you participate in the Grilled Cheese Co. fundraiser this year? *
3. How likely are you to participate in the same or a similar type fundraiser throughout the year (restaurant nights, etc)? *
Very Unlikely
We'll be there with bells on!
4. Did you participate in the bus trip to New York fundraiser this year? *
5. How likely are you to participate in the same or a similar type fundraiser throughout the year (Broadway Bus Trip)? *
Very Unlikely
Sign us up!
6. Would you be interested in a family campout at Patapsco State Park? *
7. Do you have any other ideas for fundraisers or sponsors?
Your answer
STAR currently advertises via a Facebook page and a website which contains the registration and payment links.
1. How did you initially hear about STAR Ltd? *
2. How easy do you feel it is to find information on STAR workshops? *
Nearly impossible! I have to ask my friend every year.
I like your Facebook page, and I am notified of activity right away.
3. Do you have recommendations on platforms or venues on which STAR should advertise? *
Your answer
4. Any other suggestions you might have for our programs?
Your answer
5. Please provide your name and email if you'd like us to contact you regarding any of the information above. Thank you for your time!
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