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CMMO RCRDS is founded by Cammo Network. A music promotion agency with large connections in music industry. We want to give unsigned artists a oppurtunity to be featured on our growing label. With official releases on all streaming platforms as Spotify, SoundCloud, Deezer, Beatport, Apple Music & YouTube.

We offer a 70% roayaltee split for artists, one of the highest in industry! We run Promo campaigns, Playlist pitching, SoMe shoutouts, Soundcloud promotions & guarantee high performing Spotify placements. We're also making sure you have a top notch Artwork, Visuals & branding for your official release. Giving us a 30% cut of your roayltees will make us motivated & always make sure that you stream higher & higher.

Accepted tracks for worldwide distrubution on CMMO RCRDS will cost 99.00$ USD. This is simply to cover our administrative work & the hours we put into promoting, pitching & distrubuting your music.
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