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2017 Fellowship Application
Please take time to fill out this form with as much detail as possible. The information you provide will go a long way in processing your application. Wish you the very best!
Join Us in Exposing The Power of Our Communities
Full name *
Age *
Gender *
Location/Community *
County of Work *
Nationality *
Phone Number *
Email address *
What is your vision/hope for the community you represent here? *
Brief description of your initiative, duties and activities,and how long did you pursue the project. *
Why do you believe your community can address its own challenges using the locally available resources and relationships? *
What are your reasons for wanting to join the fellowship? *
Are you able to commit to attending all the training and coaching sessions?. *
Are you able to commit 18-20 hrs a week ? *
Are you able to fundraise? *
If yes, how would you raise kshs. 50,000 in 3 months? This money is required to fund a fellow for the 6 month long fellowship. *
If no, what help would you need to be able to fundraise? *
Short essay question
Write a short summary of your understanding and interest in learning community organizing and how you hope to benefit from the fellowship program. *
Briefly describe the urgent problem you see in your community.(If working/ volunteering at an organization- what problem are you involved in solving?) How would you solve it using the resources available in your community. *
Write a short summary of a time you have stepped up to leadership and lead people to achieve something together. *
Please list three references of people who know you well, other than relatives, preferably for whom you have worked with either as a volunteer or paid capacity. (Name,address, phone, relationship) *
(Name,address, phone, relationship)
Tatua Kenya reserves the right to make any checks deemed appropriate as to the suitability of the applicant. *
Date of application *
Tatua Kenya strongly believes in equity, inclusion and every human capacity. We do not discriminate against gender,religion or sexual orientation.
Important Dates
Selected fellows must be available for the following dates:
1) Application closes - 30th September
2) Shortlisting - 1st week of October
3) Interviews - 10th -14th of October
4) Field Visits - 17th - 21st October
5) Accepting Fellows - 21st - 28th October
6) Orientation 10th of November
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