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Terms and Conditions
1. Bring a hand towel & water bottle because you’ll need them. Most Zumba instructors give short 30-60 second breaks between songs to use these items.

2. Clothing - It's important to wear clothing that is moveable, breathable and will wick sweat away. Because of how popular the classes are, the room can heat up fast, so consider dressing in layers that you can remove.

3. Shoes - It is compulsory for every student who attends the class to wear court shoes - “aerobic” or “athletic” training shoes. Wear shoes that do not have a lot of tread at the bottom & are meant for medial/lateral/twisting/pivoting motion. Running shoes & cross training shoes are not ideal because of the tread and also they are meant more for the forward motion. Jazz sneakers works. Any old shoe where the bottom is worn out but is still in good condition & still supportive can be used in class.

4. You are free from any medical issues & have no medical problems when you are joining the class. We are not responsible for any medical conditions you may have.

5. For some reason if you cannot do the course once you join, you cannot carry forward. You will simply have to rejoin later by paying the full fees.

6. There are no refunds or no carry forwards strictly.

7. We are not responsible for any refund or in any other way of you have realized that you have a medical condition after joining the course.

8. The session dates for each month will be provided on the 1st class day of every month, so kindly make note of it every month in order to complete your sessions within the period mentioned. Anyone who fails to complete their sessions within that period would not be allowed to carry forward their sessions to the next month.

9. In case if the student is negatively influencing the current registered members of the batch then he/she will be asked to leave the batch and your membership will be permanently terminated without any refund.

10. The only numbers to contact is 8652273780.

11. Please not that our contact numbers 8652273780 are not answerable 24/7, we may not answer calls on holidays and our working hours are 12 noon to 7pm – Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we work from 12 noon – 2pm.

12. In case if your call goes unanswered on 7666320780/8652273780, send us text/What’s app messages and we will reply within 24 hours.

13. No video shooting is allowed in class unless permission is taken. We have the right to ask anyone to turn away clients who don’t obey.

14. We can cancel the class in any event of emergency – we will inform students with prior notice & this class will not be counted as a part of the course.

15. Our sessions are one hour long. In an event of emergency we could conduct only half hour sessions – in this case only the hour-long classes will be counted.

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