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Terms & Policies
You are free from any medical issues & have no medical problems when you are joining the class. We are not responsible for any medical conditions you may have.

For some reason if you cannot do the course once you join, you cannot carry forward. You will simply have to rejoin later by paying the full fees.

We are not responsible for any refund or in any other way of you have realized that you have a medical condition after joining the course.

The class validity dates will be mentioned in the receipt so kindly make note of it.

You can cover up 2 missed classes in 4 consecutive weeks by coming to the batch and venue mentioned more than that will be charged.

Incase you happen to miss even the last class we do not offer refund or carry forward for that as well.

Incase if you fail to make payment on the 1st day of the class INR 200/- will be charged for not paying as a late payment fee.

Please not that our contact numbers 8652273780 are not answerable 24/7, we may not answer calls on holidays and our working hours are 12 noon to 7pm – Monday to Friday. On Saturdays we work from 12 noon – 2pm.

We can cancel the class in any event of emergency – we will inform students with prior notice & this class will not be counted as a part of the course.

Our sessions are 50 mins. In an event of emergency we could conduct only half hour sessions – in this case only the hour-long classes will be counted.
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