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Hello, PREPMUN Alumni! It is sad that PREPMUN will not be hosting a physical conference this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 developments, but fret not! We have a slew of programmes on the line-up in December this year, and we have one involving you all, our PREPMUN Alumni, as well!

PREPMUN is going to turn 10, and boy, we have grown so much since then, and impacted so many along the way. We are heartened to see our Alumni come as Delegates, return as Student Officers, and retire as Secretariat Members in their respective school conferences, or even with PREPMUN! Who could forget the awesome Opening and Closing Ceremonies held at the Grand Hall, the freezing cold of the Seminar Rooms which we can never warm up due to the "central air-conditioning system", and the tearful goodbyes at every Closing Dinner.

Thus, we want to share your stories, your memories, of the PREPMUNs you have attended as we reminisce these 10 years of broadening access and increasing rigour.

Upon filling this form, we will follow up with you to refine the stories you have shared with us further. Afterwards, we will post it on the PREPMUN Instagram page, so that your story can be shared with the rest of the community. As we have limited slots to post on the page, not all stories will be shared so we hope you understand.

We look forward to your earnest responses, thank you, and take care! :)
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