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NYSSRA Nordic Event Sanctioning Form
Event Sanctioning form for NYSSRA Nordic Clubs- Fill it in and send your event sanctioning check (payable NYSSRA Nordic) to Ed Luban.
Once both are received and reviewed your Club can be sanctioned for the season.- You may also fill out and mail or e-mail our PDF form,
To try the online form: Please complete this form to Sanction your event with NYSSRA Nordic.
{ If you have any trouble please contact NYSSRA president Eric Seyse: for assistance).
Before you start:
Notes before you start:

Only Nyssra members whose clubs are sanctioned NYSSRA Nordic clubs can sanction events.

Please complete 1 form per day of sanctioned events.

Sanctioning information will be reviewed before approval

All fees must be received by nyssra before sanctioning can be approved (fee description below).

Mail a check payable to NYSSRA Nordic to:
Ed Luban
701 Demong Dr
Syracuse NY 13214

When you fill out the online form, please mail or attach a Proposed Course Map (including start, finish, direction of travel, parking, warm up area, and restroom info). - if it is already on a live webpage just include the link.

Please remember to print the ”NYSSRA Nordic Event Sign In Sheet for online registration WAIVER AND RELEASE OF LIABILITY” and have participants sign in when they collect their bib. Mail these to our insurance coordinator after your event.

If you require a certificate of insurance, please fill out and mail that form, or use the online “request certificate of insurance form”

Certificates of insurance will not be issued until after sanctioning agreements are approved.

Event Date *
Title of event *
Location (address, city/town), state *
event registration website url
Start time
optional Google Calendar link (please share the URL with with permission to edit it will get your event on our calandar and keep it up to date
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Host Club/ Ski Center *
Entry Fees *
Entry deadline *
Entry Deadline TIme
Will Day of race entries be accepted? *
Technique *
Race Type *
Start *
Start Times ( if multiple times) *
Misc info (Race Description {for publicity}, Race series, Qualifier, Prizes, Sponsors, etc.=).
Attach Course Map (if you prefer to mail it with your payment that is fine)
URL (of course map if not an attachment)
Alternate Date
Alternate location
Contact Name *
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Waiver and Agreement (read and then sign below, we require a mailed signed copy mailed with your check)

This agreement is made and entered into by and between the New York State Ski Racing Association - Nordic, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as NYSSRA) and the event organizer shown below (hereinafter referred to as the Organizer). For the purposes of this agreement and the rights and obligations of NYSSRA and the Organizer under this agreement, Competition shall be defined as the specific events listed in the Schedule Agreement and such official training and other activities as specifically outlined by the rules and regulations referenced and in effect at the time of the competition. The consideration of this Agreement shall be the payment of the fees and performance by the parties, as well as their mutual undertakings under the terms of this Agreement.
1. The Organizer agrees that it shall be bound by and shall conform to current requirements for competition as established by the International Ski Federation, International Competition Regulations and to such additional tournament regulations as it may be advised about and which may be in force at the time. Such regulations are incorporated herein by reference.
2. The Organizers shall pay all costs and expenses of the events, including standard competition awards as approved by NYSSRA for such championship events as may be incorporated in the Competition.
3. NYSSRA agrees that the Competition shall be known and listed as an official NYSSRA Competition, and NYSSRA agrees to place the Competition on the appropriate Calendar of Events upon receipt of the specified fees from the Organizer, subject to approval of the NYSSRA Board of Directors, and the consent of any other necessary party. These fees shall accompany the Schedule Agreement (or Agreements) and shall be paid in full prior to listing as an official Competition. Competitions will not be sanctioned until fees are paid in full. Fees not submitted in full with the Schedule Agreement are subject to penalty upon invoicing.
4. The terms of the Schedule Agreement shall apply only to those events listed in the Competition at the time the original Agreement was executed. A separate Schedule Agreement shall be executed for any additional events.
5. Notice of postponement, change, or cancellation, shall be made as required by NYSSRA and the Empire State Games office as stated in the NYSSRA Competition Manual. Concurrent notice shall be made in writing and by telephone and by electronic mail to the Chairman of the Cross Country Ski Committee and to the Technical Delegate(TD). In the case of canceled competitions or events, the Organizer remains responsible for all listing fees due NYSSRA.
6. NYSSRA and the Organizer agree that a duly constituted competition jury shall be properly named and empowered. All jury members and all officials shall be members of NYSSRA. As appropriate to the discipline and type of competition, the referees, course-setters, judges, and chief of timing and calculations and other senior officials shall be appropriately licensed and certified. NYSSRA reserves the right to nominate referees, judges, and course-setters for these events, according to annual policy of the NYSSRA Board of Directors. For all Competitions, the referee, assistant referee, and one-half of the course-setters and or judges shall be individuals from outside the Organizer, if qualified individuals are available.
7. A Technical Delegate (TD) may be appointed by NYSSRA. The TD is the representative of NYSSRA in regard to the Competition.The TD’’s functions include reviewing with the Organizer the terms of this Agreement, as well as the rules or regulations which are referenced or incorporated herein and applicable to the Competition in question. The Organizer shall be responsible for the cost of travel, room and board for the TD, and shall promptly reimburse the TD upon presentation of legitimate receipts for travel, room and board not arranged by the Organizer. In the event that a TD is not appointed by NYSSRA, or the named TD cannot fill the assignment, then a substitute TD may be selected in accord with applicable rules. The substitute TD must be a member of NYSSRA, or otherwise approved by NYSSRA, but may not be a member of the Organizer.
8. The portion of the facilities which are to be used in the actual competitive events must conform with applicable rules and the requirements of the TD and competition jury. The selection of these facilities and their preparation in conformity with such rules or requirements, is the responsibility of the Organizer. The Organizer is responsible for compliance with homologation and/or facility approval requirements according to discipline and type of competition.
9. The Organizer agrees that entries for the Competition shall be accepted only according to NYSSRA rules then in effect.
10. It is understood and agreed by the parties that NYSSRA retains all radio, film, videotape, or television, and photography rights arising out of and from the conduct of the Competition, except the use of photographs and/or radio, film, videotape, or television segments of sixty seconds or less in duration and only then for local news coverage and/or area promotion. It is understood and agreed that NYSSRA may assign such radio, film, videotape, television, and photographic rights to other parties, including the Organizer, and that the assignment of such rights then becomes binding upon the Organizer as if such rights continued to be held by NYSSRA.
11. It is understood and agreed by the parties hereto that NYSSRA retains all commercial sponsorship rights arising out of and from the conduct of the Competition. NYSSRA may assign these commercial sponsorship rights, wholly or in part. In event a contract between NYSSRA or the Organizer and a commercial sponsor exists or is eventually obtained for this competition, then a specific Supplemental Agreement regarding commercial activities will be negotiated.
12. The Organizer may enter into an agreement with the national governing body or others regarding entry fees for teams, coaches and officials, if applicable, and for room and board for teams, coaches and officials. Such agreement shall be executed in advance and is incorporated herein by reference.
13. The Organizer shall process and submit proper results, as verified by the original signature of the TD, and applicable NYSSRA head taxes and sanction fees according to NYSSRA rules in effect. Results will not be accepted by NYSSRA until any outstanding financial obligations of the Organizer to NYSSRA have been met in full.
14. Competition Organizers and officials are additionally insured under NYSSRA’’s general liability and umbrella policies in effect as of the date of the execution of the Agreement, and the date of the events held under it, subject to the conditions described in paragraphs 15 and 16 below, for claims arising out of their conduct at the Competition, solely as it respects activities on behalf of NYSSRA in accord with the terms of this Agreement. Coverage of this insurance shall be primary coverage to the extent that the claim arises solely from acts or omissions in their capacity as Organizer or competition official. This coverage does not apply to entities or individuals conducting commercial promotional activities on their own behalf, beyond the actual Competition
15. Liability insurance coverage provided to Organizers and competition officials by NYSSRA policies as aforesaid is contingent upon the organizer controlling participation by limiting entry to those competitors complying with NYSSRA requirements as set forth by discipline (cross country, Biathlon, ski-orienteering) and by program type (youth, adult, citizen, master, recreational scored, not-scored, collegiate/ scholastic, etc.) according to annual policy of the NYSSRA Board of Directors. Such NYSSRA requirements may include presentation to the Organizer of an official NYSSRA or other approved form with “Waiver and Release of Liability” wording, signed by the competitor, and parent or guardian in case of minors, prior to participation in the Competition. Requirements on the Organizer also may include payment of additional fees to NYSSRA as determined by participation of non-members (annual) of NYSSRA {in order to become members for a day} and other conditions according to policy of the NYSSRA Board of Directors. Such requirements and conditions are set forth in additional materials provided to the Organizer and are incorporated herein by reference.
16. Liability insurance coverage of Organizers by NYSSRA policies is contingent on the proper execution of a (this)Schedule Agreement for specific events detailed as to date, location discipline, type of event, and class(es) of participants.
17. Once witnessed by the signatures on the Schedule Agreement, this Agreement may be altered only by such Supplemental Agreement to and be binding upon the successors and assignees of the parties hereto. It shall be subject to conditions previously contracted between NYSSRA and other parties only to the extent such other agreements are attached hereto and therefore specifically incorporated herein by reference and available for review prior to the execution of the agreement. This Agreement may be executed in counterparts and all such counterparts taken together shall constitute one Agreement.

The Organizer acknowledges receipt of the Waiver and Release of Liability referenced herein, and we agree the the terms of the NYSSRA Nordic Sanction Agreement.

Organizer Name:________________________________ By: (signature)________________________

Title of Function_________________________________Date:_________________________________

NYSSRA - Nordic, Inc.


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