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North American Workshop on Laser Ablation - Interest Survey
This survey is intended to help understand the demographics of the laser ablation user community and also to identify relevant and important topics for possible workshop activities. This data will not be shared outside the Scientific Committee, none of which are vendors. All responses are strictly confidential. Your thoughtful input is highly appreciated. Contact information is optional.
Email address
Employer sector
Primary job function
Secondary job function
Analytical systems in your lab
Laser system(s) in your lab
Laser pulse width in your lab
Laser wavelengths used in your lab
Ablation cell(s) used in your lab
Optional gases used in your lab (besides He, Ar)
What essential laser ablation-MS processes would you like to better understand?
If you listed "Other" above, please specify the process
If you could ask a foundational expert three questions to improve your understanding of fundamental aspects of LA-ICP-MS, what would they be?
Rank your current understanding of "best practices" for LA-ICP-MS in terms of the following categories:
no clue
I wrote the book
Instrument optimization
it's voodoo
I wrote the book
Quality control
no clue
I wrote the book
Data reduction
no clue
I wrote the book
Data reporting
no clue
I wrote the book
Data archiving
no clue
I wrote the book
For the categories above that you ranked lowest, what would you specifically like to know better (or what do you know that you don't understand now)?
Group interaction with experts and peers at the workshop
Primary application field
Application type(s) of interest
If you listed other above, please specify your preferred interest
Do you have a suggestion for a workshop topic?
Would you like to be involved in organizing/running a workshop activity? If so, please make sure you included your name and e-mail above.
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