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Questionnaire about StylishWedd
Hello brides-to-be, in order to improve our products and our customer service, we’d like to invite you to answer a simple questionnaire,  we need your warm advice as StylishWedd always searches the creativity aesthetics for our dear customers. After completing this survey, you’ll receive a 15% coupon that can be used for any order on our website. Thanks for your cooperation!
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1. How did you hear about StylishWedd? *
2.  Please indicate your age
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3. Please select your current occupation *
4. How many guests would you expect to invite for your wedding? *
5. Budget for per wedding invitation suite would be *
6. The most important three factors when choosing your wedding invitations? *
7. Please select the invitation style that you prefer: *
8. Which kind of invitation will you choose for your wedding? *
9. Following 8th, please share the main factor that you choose the above wedding invitation *
10. Which important factors that STOP you choose the following invites for your wedding? *
Design limited
Vellum invitation
Laser cut invitation
Acrylic invitation
Velvet invitation
11. Why choose StylishWedd's vellum wedding invitation *
12. Would you like to try order other colorized vellum wedding invitations like following pic? *
colorized vellum wedding invitations
13. Are you anxious for GUEST ADDRESS PRINTING? If yes, would you like to use the printable wedding address label, such as the following pic?
envelope address label
14.  How was the first impression of StylishWedd? *
15. How satisfied were you with our website?, Any advice would be appreciated *
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