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RetroFest Vendor June 21/22 2019
Vendor / Exhibitor Contract: Friday June 21 6pm - 11pm AND/OR Saturday June 22 10am - 11pm
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Please Note: 2019 is a special year. We are partnering with RM’s 40th Anniversary and in turn we had to change the park up for this year. If you have questions, please email the office at
RM will be hosting a Sam Roberts Band in the Tecumseh Park on Friday night. Due to the band, Tecumseh Park will be completely fenced off. Therefore, we have invited the Food Vendors that wish to set up inside the fenced area to come on Friday. You will be able to serve food to the paid concert people but the outside public will not have access to you until Saturday when the fence is opened up. You are to remain for Saturday’s events as well.

Saturday, all vendors will be invited into Tecumseh Park. Setup will start at 6:00 am and open to the public at 10:00 am. Please remain until the end of the day. The park will be open until 11:00 pm.

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NOTE: Booth fees do not include HYDRO. Hydro is not Guaranteed. If you require power, you are to bring it via portable generator.
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Please note the following:
1.Section 16(2) of Ontario Health Protection and Promotion Act. R.S.O 1990 C. H.7 requires that every person who intends to commence to operate a food premise shall give notice of his/her intention to the Medical Officer of Health of the health unit in which the food premise will be located.2. The personal information on this form is collected under the authority of the Health Protection and Promotion Act. R.S.O 1990 C. H.7. It will be used for ownership identification and enforcement of the Act and the applicable Regulations under the Act. Contact Rosemarie Amdt, Manager, Environmental Health at 519-352-7272 ext. 2480 if you have any questions. Copies of the Act and the Regulations are also available at
Historic Downtown Chatham BIA will be referred to as Management/Organization in the following:
1. In making an application to this show, it is understood that you will adhere to all governing regulations. All matters and questions not covered by these regulations are subject to the decision of management. Exhibitor agrees to abide by all decisions of RetroFest management/Organizers and further agrees to cease any activity the management deems to be a violation of the terms and to following the directives of the management.
2. By signing the attached Vendor form, you understand that there are risks associated with participating. Having knowledge of these risks, you assume all risk of injury, damage and liability from such activities. Therefore, releasing the Historic Downtown Chatham BIA and the RetroFest Committee members and the Municipality of Chatham-Kent and its officials, employees, and agents and waive the right of recovery you might have to bring a claim or lawsuit against them for personal injury, death, or other consequence occurring to yourself or your group as a result of your participation. Further you grant full permission to use any photography, video, film or record of your participation. Signing the vendor application states that you agree to all the terms and conditions.
3. Assignment of exhibit space: Management/Organization will assign exhibit space, once confirmed it is final. Management reserves the right to relocate space of exhibits, which may be affected by a change in the site plan.
4. Set-up, tear down and duration: Booths that wish to be inside the fence on Friday, are to be set up by 5:00 pm and must remain in its location for the full designated show which ends at 11:00 pm on Saturday. All Saturday vendors will be set up between 6:00 am and ready to go for 10:00 am that same day. Early departures or late setups are disruptive and present a safety hazard to the public, and security problem.
5. It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to keep their area clean and orderly throughout the show and are fully responsible for the safety and manning for their area.
6. Compliance: The exhibitor shall comply with all rules and regulations of the show and all laws (Municipal, Provincial, Federal, Fire, and Health.)
7. Cancellation policy & NSF cheques: Cancellation will be accepted two weeks prior to the event with refund, after this date no refund will be issued. A $75.00 charge will be administered for NSF cheques.
8. Management/Organization shall not under any circumstances be liable or responsible for any damage or injury suffered by the exhibitor or his servants or agents or by any other person any loss, damage, injury, or cost suffered by the exhibitor by reason of any change in the date, time or place of exhibition or the abandonment thereof.
9. The exhibitor shall be liable for all loss, damage, injury, claim cost and expenses caused to any person or property in any circumstances whatsoever by the exhibitor, his servants or agents or the goods, exhibits, fittings, machinery and other property belonging to the exhibitor or for which the exhibitor or for which the exhibitor is responsible for.

From the Municipality of Chatham-Kent: Appendix: Mobile Food Vendors Checklist- FIRE MOBILE FOOD VENDORS UTILIZING PROPANE FIRED COOKING EQUIPMENT (TRUCK OR TRAILER)
A -Vent Hoods All hoods must be constructed of not less than No. 20 MSG (0.94mm) stainless steel or No.18MSG (1.09mm) steel. NO galvanized metal is acceptable All seams and joints must be liquid tight. All hoods must be vented to the exterior of the vehicle by one of the following methods: o Venturi Vent o A listed electrical fan
B - Fuel Supply for Cooking Equipment All fuel fired equipment must be certified by a qualified service company annually. A letter of certification must be supplied by the service company. Fuel tanks must be installed and protected in accordance with the Propane Handling and Utilization code of Ontario
C- Fire Protection All vent hoods are to be equipped with an automatic fixed extinguishing systems installed and certified by a qualified service technician. These systems must be serviced and tagged annually by a qualified service technician. At least one portable fire extinguisher of the proper rating and type must be installed in the immediate area. These extinguishers must be serviced and tagged annually by a qualified service technician.
D - Exiting A clear accessible exit from the interior of the trailer or truck shall be maintained at all times.
E - Cleaning All equipment must be cleaned on a regular basis as required by NFPA 96 and a certificate of proof shall be made available to the inspector upon request indicating that cleaning has been done.
F – Other Documentation Required A copy of the TSSA Director’s Order FS-056-06 Mobile Food Service Equipment checklist must be available on site for review by the authority having jurisdiction.
For all Food Vendors, please ensure you have also read and understood the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit Special Events Food Vendor Package. If you do not have a copy, please request one from or call 519-352-8387.
Regards, the HDTC-BIA

I have read the above Terms and Conditions and hereby agree to the rules of this event. I have placed my electronic signature below agreeing that all information is true. *
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Once signed and dated, the Historic Downtown Chatham BIA will be in contact through email for approvals to this event. Please have all forms in by June 7, 2019. *
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