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IPF Atid presents: The Big Conversation(s)

Zoom info here:

What is “The Big Conversation(s)”?
A free, virtual event to attend with your choice of an interactive breakout session discussing key issues facing the future of Washington, the American Jewish Community, and Israel - featuring expert voices in conversation with young professionals from across North America. SELECT YOUR SESSION TO ATTEND BELOW!

Who can attend?
Millennials and young professionals interested in these conversations! This is for you whether it's your first event from IPF Atid or your 10th! It’s free :)

When is it?
Monday, December 21, from 7:00-8:15PM ET.

Where will I get the Zoom link?
In your email! After you sign up :)

Who are the speakers?
- Laura Blumenfeld: Former Senior Policy Advisor on the State Department's Israeli-Palestinian negotiating team
- Jeremy Burton: Executive Director of the Jewish Community Relations Council of Greater Boston
- Khaled Elgindy: Senior Fellow and Director of Program on Palestine and Palestinian-Israeli Affairs, Middle East Institute
- Sara Hirschhorn: Visiting Assistant Professor in Israel Studies, Northwestern University
- Michael Koplow: Policy Director, Israel Policy Forum
- Carly Pildis: Writer and Former Director of Organizing, Jewish Democratic Council of America
- Batya Ungar-Sargon: Opinion Editor, the Forward

What is IPF Atid?
IPF Atid is the young professionals program of Israel Policy Forum. To learn more about us, visit or join our active Facebook group:

How can I support Israel Policy Forum?
Join the entire Israel Policy Forum community for our online virtual annual event taking place on December 16:
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