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Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact - Self-Regulatory Initiative
Application to become a Signatory Operator, Signatory Association or Pact Observer
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EU, EEA, UK, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Switzerland, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Faeroe Islands , Gibraltar, Vatican
Rest of Europe - Albania, Belarus, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, Ukraine
Rest of World
Operator ONLY - Total Current Capacity (MVA) of all Server Rooms/Data Centres in Europe
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Operator ONLY - Do you qualify as small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) ?

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Please indicate which Pact association you are member of.
If you are an SME operator, you need to indicate a trade association that you are member of, and which is a Pact signatory. This is a condition to certify as SME operator.
(If in doubt, check the Pact Associations that are signatories)
Regulatory Compliance *
Do you accept for us to maintain your contact details for the sole use of communicating about and managing the Pact?
Do you agree to the statement: "Signatories and Observers are under a general obligation to conduct all activities connected with the Climate Neutral Data Centre Pact in accordance with any applicable Antitrust legislation."?
Do you agree that when accepted as a Signatory you will carry out the requirements of the Pact and the Self-Regulatory Initiative as published on our website and modified from time to time by the majority vote of the Signatories in a Pact meeting?
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