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This one min survey carries two sections. Section 1 For our little Readers and section 2 for their Amazing Parents. For kids
Hi Kids,

I am Mogool, your new friend.
This edition is my first try at Infotaining you.

I hope you had enjoyed reading me.
Lets play a game of questions and answers .
1.My two most favorite stories in Mogool? *
2.If you have a bunch of candies, how many of them will you give to each of your Mogool friends? Don't forget, your best Mogool friend should get maximum candies 🤗 *
1 candy
2 Candies
3 Candies
4 Candies
5 Candies
6 Candies
7 Candies
8 Candies
9 Candies
10 Candies
Dinu Danu
Ramlu Chunky
Peeping Panda
Sara Chicken
Mr. Crane
Sam and Bow
3.Choose the best knowledgeable article according to you. *
4.In my everyday life, I enjoy the most? (can tick multiple options) *
5. I want to know more about:(You can tick Multiple options) *
6.Which animal friend you wish to read about in next Mogool *
Your answer
7.Given a choice, I would rather buy: *
Your Name please, Smarty? *
Your answer
Voila!!! Thank you so much .Also do not forget to tell your Mom/Dad to fill Section TWO (Page 2 ,Click NEXT)
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