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Welcome to the GSAEC Program Recognition Process!
GSAEC Program Recognition is intended to elevate and distinguish graduate-level coaching programs that meet GSAEC’s rigorously developed academic standards for coach education. The Recognition process offers applicants a rare opportunity to receive developmental feedback and research-based recommendations from a highly trained team of GSAEC Peer Reviewers. The result, GSAEC Program Recognition, demonstrates a program’s commitment to excellence in coach education. The process recognizes specific graduate coaching programs, not the university in general.

During the Recognition process, the university provides an overview of the academic program and answers questions related to the standards and their sub-standards in a Self-Study worksheet. These responses are evaluated by GSAEC Peer Reviewers, who assess the responses and give feedback to the institution. The university responds and may edit their answers, and this iterative process continues to resolution.

GSAEC assesses twelve Core Academic Standards as part of the Peer Review and Recognition process:

AS6. Curriculum and Program Plan
AS7. Theory and Knowledge
AS8. Core Coaching Competencies
AS9. Coaching Process
AS11. Professional Practice and Development
AS12. Requirements for Coach Supervision
AS13.Requirements for Assessing Progress
AS14. Cultural Diversity, Individual Differences & Multiculturalism
AS15. Contribution to Body of Knowledge/Field
AS16. Program Values and Ethical Conduct
AS17. Faculty Qualifications & Supervision
AS18. Program Assessment/Quality Enhancement

This form is merely an indication of interest and request for further information, and does not represent a formal application. Once your submission is received, a GSAEC representative will reach out to provide connect and discuss further. Should you decide to move forward with an application for program recognition, please contact us directly at

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The full application process will include:
- An initial “kick-off” conversation (introduce program representatives and the GSAEC Peer Review Team, overview of applicant’s program and GSAEC Recognition process, Q&A).  
- Completion of a program Executive Summary and Self-Study/Peer Review Worksheet, including compilation of necessary documentation and supporting evidence.
- A Q&A/Revision period, which includes discussion of Peer Reviewer feedback and recommendations, incorporation of necessary revisions, etc.
- A Program Review Meeting during which high-level themes, takeaways, and key learnings are discussed.
Approximate timeline for program recognition:
- Application and kick-off (3 weeks)
- Executive Summary, Self-Study, and document posting (6 weeks)
- Peer Review period (6 weeks)
- Q&A/Revision period (8 weeks)
- Final Notification (3 weeks)
Thank you for applying! We will review your application and respond as soon as possible.
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