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Q300 Event/ Project Proposal
Thank-you for your desire to contribute to the Q300 community. Our school’s success depends on the enthusiasm, ideas, and work of parents like you.

This proposal is step 1 to starting on your idea.

Please note that all Q300 PTA events/proposals are subject to the regulations covering 501(c)(3) (tax-exempt not-for-profit organization) and the NYC DOE’s Chancellor’s regulations. All events/ projects must have their proposal, work plan and budget approved by the PTA Board. This proposal is step 1. You will be contacted by a PTA board member when a work plan and budget documentation is needed.

If you have any questions with this form please contact .
What's your idea?
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What is the goal of the activity? (check all that apply)
Who are you trying to target? (check all that apply)
Where do you think you'd like the activity to be located?
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What do you see as the benefits of this activity
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What do you see as the challenges of this activity
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Do you think you can lead this event?
How many volunteers do you think will be needed to lead this event?
Do you have the volunteer team needed for this activity (it's ok, if you don't as the PTA can help with finding volunteers)
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