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The Forward Exchange Program is a city exchange program between Vienna, Munich and Zurich to connect creative professionals and strengthen bilateral interdisciplinary exchange between the cities.This year it will take place in Munich. The programme offers creatives as well as industry experts and specialists the opportunity to learn from and with each other across borders in order to jointly develop new approaches and create new products and solutions. In this, each host city will also serve as a source of inspiration. The Forward Exchange Program was launched in Vienna in 2018 and will take place in Zurich in 2020.

It was initiated by the Forward Creative OG, the Vienna Business Agency, the Competence Team for Cultural and Creative Industries of the City of Munich and the Office for Economy and Labour of the Canton of Zurich.


Fill out all questions below in order to apply for the second Forward Exchange Program within the Forward Festival 2019 in Munich!

PLEASE NOTE: Only founders residing in Vienna, Munich and Zurich are eligible to participate. Working language is English, so German skills are not required. The languages permitted for applications are German and English.

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