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2019 Jubilee Elder Nomination Form
* You must be a Jubilee Member to nominate a candidate for Elder.
Candidate Prerequisites
The Elder must be one that clearly displays the characteristics and giftings of an Elder as outlined in 1 Timothy 3, Titus, and Acts 15:1-22. It must be evident that they are pursuing intimacy with Christ and serving His mission as the sole purpose of their lives. They must display spiritual maturity in the following ways:

1) Obedience to God would be the goal of their life, superseding their desires for a better career, more comfort, achieving
personal dreams, etc., (there would be visible evidence of this obedience).
2) They must display a concern for the overall well-being of the Body of Christ, a shepherd's heart for the people, and the skill to tend to the pastoral needs of the congregation.
3) There must be evidence of their gifting to handle the Word of God in seeking the Lord’s direction and to teach doctrine.
4) There must be evidence of their devotion to prayer and to sacrificial service.
5) There must be evidence of an anointing of leadership and authority over Jubilee church.

As a general guideline, Elders must be a member of Jubilee Church and must have been attending Jubilee for at least a year. Furthermore, they must feel called to Jubilee Church for at least three more years from the time of their appointment. Once appointed, the Elder will serve a three month observation period before being fully active, during which they will abstain in formal voting. Exceptions to these guidelines can be made in certain cases as determined by the Elder Board.
1. Three Jubilee Members must complete and submit the below nomination form for each candidate.

2. Once submitted, those nominations will be presented to the sitting Elder Board for approval. A unanimous approval needs to be reached for a nomination to be passed

3. Those who pass this vote will be informed of their nomination by the Senior Pastor (or one who is appointed by the Elder Board), be given a written account of the roles and responsibilities of an Elder at Jubilee, and then two weeks to respond with their decision.

4. If the nomination is accepted, the Deacon Board will be informed of their nomination and their nomination passed. If the Deacon Board passes the nomination they will formally be moved into the process of Elder training. This
training must be completed before they are able to serve in the full capacity of an Elder of Jubilee Church. They will be allowed to attend Elder meetings during their time of training but will not be able to cast any formal votes.

4. In this training period each Elder candidate must meet with different members of the Elder Board as assigned by the Elder Board (meetings can be in a group setting), for an interview. They will also be required to read through and become familiar with Jubilee Church’s Constitution, a basic theology book (TBA), and scriptural teaching concerning the qualifications and role of the Elder (supplemental readings will be assigned as deemed necessary). From these readings, the Elder candidates will be required to turn in reflection papers under the direction of the Elder Board. The new Elder will also be required to share their testimony before the church during the Sunday services.

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Calling *
The first qualification of an elder is calling, which is both inward and outward. The person individually should sense the call and the call must be confirmable by others. This is also displayed by having a godly burden to serve the local body of Christ in love and sacrifice. Please describe or provide an example of the candidate's calling.
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Character *
The second qualification of an elder is character. Though no leader can expect to be perfect, he or she must be exemplary, modeling in a consistent way the character of Christ. 1 Timothy 1-3 and Titus 1:5-9 offer a useful summary of the character qualifications. Please describe or provide an example of the candidate's character.
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Competency *
The third qualification of an elder is competency. God calls each officer to serve in distinct and varying ways. The officer or candidate should evidence the inclination and ability to fulfill that particular Biblical role as well as the needs of the ministry. Please describe or provide an example of the candidate's competency.
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Compatibility *
The fourth qualification of an elder is compatibility. Officers and candidates need to understand, agree with, and be compatible to Jubilee life, vision, and theological tenets. Please describe or provide an example of the candidate's compatibility.
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