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8 Hour Rule
No student may be required to attend practice for marching band for more than eight hours of rehearsal outside the academic school day per calendar week (Sunday through Saturday). This provision applies to students in all components of the marching band.On performance days (football games, competitions and other public performances) bands may hold up to one additional hour of warm-up and practice beyond the scheduled warm-up time. Multiple performances on the same day do not allow for additional practice and/or warm-up time. Examples Of Activities Subject To The UIL Marching Band Eight Hour Rule. • Marching Band Rehearsal (Both Full Band And Components) • Any Marching Band Group Instructional Activity•Breaks • Announcements • Debriefing And Viewing Marching Band Videos • Playing Off Marching Band Music • Marching Band Sectionals (Both Director And Student Led) • Clinics For The Marching Band Or Any Of Its Components The Following Activities Are Not Included In The Eight Hour Time Allotment: • Travel Time To And From Rehearsals And/Or Performances • Rehearsal Set-Up Time • Pep Rallies, Parades And Other Public Performances • Instruction And Practice For Music Activities Other Than Marching Band And Its Components NOTE: An extensive Q&A for the Eight Hour Rule for Marching Band can be found on the Music Page of the UIL Web Site at:“We have read and understand the Eight-Hour Rule for Marching Band as stated aboveand agree to abide by these regulations.”
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