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ECPC Annual Congress 2018, Brussels, 8-10 June
How did you find out about the ECPC Annual Congress 2018?
Did you participate in the ECPC Annual Congress 2018 as a(n):
Which country did you represent?
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What did you think of the event location (Brussels)?
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How was the meeting venue?
How was the catering and accomodation?
What did you think of the event schedule (length of days, frequency of breaks)?
What did you think of the meeting agenda (topics covered)?
What did you think about the sessions content (relevance of speakers, usefulness of information)?
Which session was the most useful to you and why?
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Which session was the least useful to you and why?
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How adequate did you find the time for discussion?
How did the Annual Congress this year compare to previous years?
Do you have any additional comments or remarks on this years event?
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Do you have any ideas or suggestions for next years event?
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