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Spaghetti Parm Eating Competition -Contestant Lottery Entry & Rules
Buffalo Iron Works, Lockhouse Distillery & Bar, and Sunbeam Entertainment are proud to announce Cobblestone Live benefiting the Child Advocacy Center. Buffalo’s premier street music and arts festival will conveniently be located in the heart of the Historic Cobblestone district in downtown Buffalo. The third annual music and arts festival will take place on August 2nd and 3rd, 2019, consisting of four stages located outside on Illinois Street, outside on Columbia Street, inside Ironworks, and inside Lockhouse. Music enthusiasts from across Western New York will enjoy, drink, and eat the best that Buffalo has to offer. Gates open at 4pm on Friday, August 2nd and at 1pm on Saturday, August 3rd.

This year's festival experience will feature a Spaghetti Parm eating competition presented by Chef's Restaurant. Contestants will be chosen by a lottery drawing done via a live feed on the Cobblestone Live social media platforms on July 17th at 3:00pm EST

Thank you for your interest in competing! The competition will take place on Saturday August 3rd, 2019 6:30pm at Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival on the Columbia Stage

Competition Details:
-Round 1: Open to the general public
-Round 2: Will feature Buffalo celebrities announced at a later date in early July
-You must be at least 18 years of age to enter the contest lottery and competition
-The contestant lottery for the competition is open to the general public.
-There is no fee to enter the contestant lottery.
-The winners of the contestant lottery will each be given a weekend pass to Cobblestone Live Music & Arts Festival. ------Selected contestants will be contacted shortly after the drawing via email with additional competition logistics and scheduling requirements (including day of competition expectations).
-All those who enter must sign the Participant Acknowledgement Waiver, Indemnification, and Hold Harmless Agreement (see below).

Competition Rules & Regulations:
-Round 1 of the eating competition will consist of 10 contestants.
-Contestants will be given 3 minutes to fully consume as many spaghetti parm plates as possible. The winner will be the contestant who consumes the most finished plates of spaghetti parm in the time allowed.
-The spaghetti parm will be prepared on small side plates
-Each contestant may eat from one plate at a time until it has been completely cleared of spaghetti and sauce. Two ‘on-deck’ plates will already be placed in front of each contestant next to their current plate ready for when they need to advance on to the next plate. The on-deck plates will be replaced each time when necessary.
-Partially consumed plates will not be counted.
-Contestants may not touch plates or spaghetti parm until the starting signal.
-Plates must always remain on the table.
-Each plate of spaghetti will have the same amount and composition of spaghetti, sauce, and parm.
-All spaghetti must be consumed. If it falls off the plate, it must be eaten. If too much ends up on the floor the judges can assess a plate penalty as needed depending on the amount on the floor per competitor.
-Utensils must be placed down on the table immediately at the end signal. If a competitor continues to eat after the end signal was given the referees can assess a one plate penalty at their discretion.
-All food in the competitor’s mouth at the time of the end signal will count as eaten if the plate qualifies as cleared.
-Contestants will be provided with as many bottles of water as they need during the competition. Other than the Chef’s sauce to be used in conjunction with the spaghetti parm and the provided water bottles, no other liquids or beverages may be used either on the spaghetti parm or directly consumed during the competition.
-Visible signs of illness or physical harm will result in disqualification.
-Ties between competitors will be decided by a one plate “eat off”. Whichever competitor finishes their plate of spaghetti parm first, including chewing and swallowing, will rank in order of when they finish. The eat off will be carefully watched by referees. The same rules that apply to the main eating competition will apply to the eat off. If there is more than one tie for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place the eat off will take place between all tied competitors.
-Contestants must always wear a Chef’s Restaurant branded bib during the event
-All decisions by judges and organizers are final. Including the decision when a plate is cleared.
-The contestant drawing is limited to one entry per person.
-This is a fun contest and should be treated as such. We seriously do not recommend you entering if you have a medical condition that could be adversely affected by this contest.

1st place – Chef’s Restaurant Catering for up to 20 people
2nd place – Dinner at Chef’s Restaurant for 10 people
3rd place – Dinner at Chef’s Restaurant for 6 people

We will reach out you via email if you are selected in the contestant lottery so please make sure to check your inbox!

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