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Please fill out and return this Intake Form so as to help us better match a Flight Instructor that suits your needs for initial follow up.  We require this form to be submitted before we will schedule any Intro Flights, Checkouts, or Flight Reviews.  Clarifications to form answers should be provided at the end of the form as needed.  We greatly appreciate and prioritize elaboration in the clarification section, particularly when demand is high and spaces for new starts are limited.  We recommend that you print this form out and save if for reference of some of our major policies as you start training.  Thanks in advance for your time and interest!
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If contacting us for a Flight Review, make sure to read the FAQ page of this site to understand the aircraft safety criteria and pilot proficiency commitments we tie to the Review.
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Do you hold an FAA Pilot Certificate? *
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What would your availability and preferred training or rental schedule  be? *
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What type of FAA medical do you hold, if any? *
When would you want to begin training or checkout? *
Once checked out in a fleet airplane, what kind of flights would you perform? *
How did you find out about 1World Aero, LLC *
An annual proficiency check occurs with all renters.  80% of FAA Pilot Deviations are against GA Pilots.  The ratio of Airline vs GA Fatalities per flight hour is 200 to 1.  In light of these statistics, what best describes your plans for staying safe and proficient after formal training or checkout is complete?
Why have you chosen to reach out to us? *
What aircraft model are you interested in flying in?
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What are you prioritizing in your search for a flight training and rental provider?
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Please note that most pilots, for every hour of flight training,  at least an equivalent hour of self study or simulator or chair flight at home should be spent to be successful.  Pilots who fly less frequently need more self study time.
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Please note that we require signature by all clients and passengers of a Liability Waiver in order to board our airplanes.  This form can be found on our Resources Page.  After the Intro flight, supplemental Renter's Insurance is also required based on the number of passengers you will carry.  You will also be required to carry a minimum of $10,000 of hull insurance to cover deductibles should there be an incident occurring during training or rental.   *
Please note that student clients and renter prospects may be terminated by 1World Aero if those clients do not demonstrate a commitment to aviation best practices, or who show a pattern of poor aeronautical judgement.  An assessment is provided to student pilots after every 20 hours of instruction, and to renters after 10 hours of instruction.
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Minimum age to start training at 1World Aero is 15 and years and 9 months of age.  We typically shy away from providing accelerated training for clients who are in school  during summer months at the expense of our multi-season clients.  We are optimized to fly with clients once to twice a week with temporary bursts of three times a week nearing goals.  PPL training averages 9 months.  Our available discounts are reduced when we commit extra resources to accelerate clients at the expense of other clients.
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Please note that we use an internal Text Book and Syllabus for PPL training.  It is the client's responsibility to identify and report instruction that appears contrary to Standard Procedure provided in Company Materials.  An assessment of candidate familiarity with our materials occurs during phase checks every 10-15 hours with the Chief Instructor or Assistant Chief.
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Please note that all rental operations by Certificated Pilots are conducted in accordance with a risk assessment matrix found on the Resources Page titled Dispatch Authorization Guide.  Prospective renters should check the guide and compare it to their own personal minimums.  Concerns should be discussed prior to scheduling a checkout. *
Have you ever been involved in an aircraft accident, incident or claim requiring payment of an insurance deductible? *
Have you ever received a violation from the FAA? *
Have you been convicted of a felony, or received a DUI or DWI in the last 10 years? *
Do you have a history of moving vehicle violations in the last 10 years that may be in the National Driver Registry?  (Disregard infractions by camera.)
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Have you been hospitalized because you have been considered a danger to yourself or others in the last 10 years? *
Do you have a flight simulator at home?
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If you have a flight simulator or have used one in the past, how would you describe your usage?
For Private Pilot prospects, please fill in any of the following if you feel that you already could accomplish these tasks.  Its OK if you are unfamiliar.  These will all be taught.  Familiarity with different tasks below reflect some of a prospects aviation interests.  
Please provide any clarifications as needed to the above answers.  Are there particular concerns that you  wish to discus?  What got you into flying?   Where is home and or work?  Any further background you wish to provide is greatly appreciated and encouraged.  Thank you for your interest and your time filling out this document.
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