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Survey of teachers of higher mathematics
Dear Teachers!
We ask you to participate in a survey conducted to study your attitude to the process of teaching higher mathematics at technical higher education institutions. Your answers will help to develop recommendations for solving the problems fо the teaching staff.
1. Position: *
2. Work experience as a teacher of mathematics at technical institutions of higher education: *
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3. Education: *
4. How do you think how important is the teaching of mathematics in the training of future specialists in the technical field? The rate on a scale from 0 to 10 (where 0 is not significant, 10 is extremely important). *
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5. Which of the tasks you would have chosen as a task of mathematical education for bachelors of technical institutions of higher education: *
6. What, in your opinion, does "understand the essence of the mathematical concept" mean for a student to: *
7. What do you think is the most important result of the student's understanding of the use of heuristic methods for analysis, synthesis, analysis through synthesis, classification, compilation and systematization, etc.: *
8. Involvement of students of technical universities in the creation of projects on higher mathematics, in your opinion, is aimed primarily at: *
9. Do you understand and demonstrate the connection of each subject taught with the disciplines of professional orientation to students? *
10. How do you demonstrate the experience of studying each topic for students of technical specialties? *
11. Do you keep in touch with teachers from graduating departments in order to identify and understand the competencies necessary for your students' future professional activities? *
12. Do you use free software in the study of math, including cloud technologies:- I apply constantly, offer to students as systems of computational mathematics and sites with the most expedient to this topic online calculators; *
13. What problems do you encounter while teaching mathematics to students of technical specialties? *
14. Do you think that the presence of a certain online environment in which a teacher of higher mathematics would be able to get answers to the actual questions to him would significantly improve his work:
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