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Swimming Recertification 2019
Please utilize the training video and powerpoint available at To pass you must get a 6/10. To check your score please email Kellie at

You must be previously certified in Swimming for this to recertify you. If you were not previously certified you must attend a training session.
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T/F The SOMI logo is required on the swimsuit *
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What is the maximum percentage of your delegation that may enter aquatic events? *
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T/F A coach may verbally guide an athlete during an event *
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How are times submitted? *
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What may result in disqualification for stroke competitions? *
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How many swimmers are on a relay team? *
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During the State Summer Games, how will athletes begin a race? *
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Swimmers head must surface within ___ yards after the start of each turn during freestyle *
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Freestyle may consist of... *
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T/F Flotation devices that do not wrap around the body, such as kickboards and inner tubes are allowed in flotation races *
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