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While local Day-Missions can vary from one to the next, a typical Day-Mission begins at Paoli train station in Malvern (carpool is always an option too) with a group of high-school and college students ready to bring a big heart of love to the people of Kensington. We normally take the 7:30am train on a Sunday morning and arrive in Kensington at about 9am to begin with morning prayers and Mass at the "Last Stop" or "Mother of Mercy House". Then we make a sandwiches to bring to the people on the streets who are homeless or in need of encouragement and prayers. We write down the prayer requests of the people we meet and nail them to a life-size cross that we carry with us along the way. Once we've worked up an appetite we then order some pizzas for lunch and share highs and lows of the day. To finish up we bring all or our experiences of the day and the prayer intentions we've gathered to the chapel at Visitation parish and spend some time with Our Lord in Eucharistic Adoration. After this time of prayer with Christ, we catch the next train back to Paoli and usually arrive at about 4:30pm. An email will be sent to all registrants with final details about the day mission.
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