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Karima PenPals
Asalaamu alaykum Wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,

Dear Parents,

Karima Weekday School introduces Karima PenPals!

By the grace of Allah we have managed to connect with a well renowned institution, Safina Society in America, New Jersery to run a PenPal scheme for students in Advance 1 & 2 with the institute's children's programme called NextGen. We are very excited about this opportunity for the children and are confident it will be of benefit. To find out more about Safina Society and Nextgen please visit:

The PenPals Scheme will allow the children to communicate with other children of their age and faith. It will help develop their communication skills, writing skills and increase their knowledge about the wider world.

Students will receive instruction on how to structure their first letter during class time, thereafter the children will use their free time at home to write further lessons.

All letters will be read by Karima staff to ensure child safety and appropriate content. Students should not include any personally identifiable information (PII) or sensitive personal information (SPI), such as date of birth, home address, etc.

1. Student is signed up
2. Student receives a penpal name ONLY
3. Student writes a letter to the penpal
4. Student submits letter to Karima Staff
5. Once approved by staff, letter is sent by Karima Staff to Safina Society
6. Reply** is provided to student by Karima Staff (after approved)
**All letters from Safina Society will also be submitted, approved and sent via NextGen's Program Director (Fatima Abdulrahman)**

Dismissal from Karima PenPals is allowed by Karima staff discretion.

By completing the form below you are giving permission for your child to participate in this programme.
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