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2019 Awakening Fall Tour
Peace to you in Christ Jesus!
Thank you for your openness to bringing in the Awakening Tour!

We would love to come to your community to proclaim a message of hope that the resurrection of Christ gives to us! In the spirit of Taylor's new album, we hope to bring light into the darkness through brand new music and worship.

The new album 'Awakening' speaks to the journey of the human heart from a place of drought to an encounter with the beauty of God, who moves us out of the darkness to a new and abundant life. The album includes six original songs- the newest single 'The Dark is Not Your Home' can be heard on Taylor's website ( We firmly believe that this music will awaken the hearts of all who attend and listen with open ears and open hearts. We invite you to open your heart to the new life the Lord offers you by booking us for an event in your area!

V E N U E : Any location will do- Church sanctuary, youth room, gym, backyard, house, barn- wherever you would like for us to come and bring these songs and this message to willing hearts!

C O S T : We aren’t asking for a specific rate. All we ask is that you help us drive or fly out to wherever you are by covering our travel expenses to get there and for our dinner the night of the event (specific details can be worked out via email and phone). During the show, we ask that you, as the host, could assist us in passing around a basket for a free will offering. Music is how we make our living, so any support is greatly appreciated!

M E R C H : We would love to come and bring you some fresh new merchandise- including the physical copies of the brand new album Awakening! If you could please set up a table for us to sell some items, we would greatly appreciate it.

T E C H D E T A I L S : To make this event a reality, some technical provisions are necessary. Depending on what you are able to provide in regards to sound equipment/power capabilities will depend on the size of the band we are able to bring out. We can provide some sound equipment, but if you are able to provide sound for all 5 of us- that's even better! Again, all those details can be worked out over the phone.

Here is what a typical 'Awakening' night schedule will look like-
S C H E D U L E :
7:00pm- Welcome/Worship
7:20pm- Message
7:25pm- Concert
8:25pm- Free Will Donation
8:30pm- Closing Prayer
8:35pm- Meet & Greet/Merch

Thank you for your time and discernment in bringing the Awakening Tour to your community! Know that we are praying for you as we all journey towards Heaven.

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