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Breakthrough Coaching Application
This application is to ensure we are a divine fit to work together. All information is kept in confidentiality. Please allow yourself to be open and vulnerable. This is when the transformation happens. I will respond shortly after reviewing your application.

Thank you!

In adoration,
iX-CheL SandiveL

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On a scale 1-10, How committed are you to your self mastery, intimacy, and empowerment? *
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On a scale 1-10, with 10 being I absolutely love myself, where would you rate your self love and worth?
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Are you coachable? Meaning are you able to receive guidance from an expert in order to master specific areas of your life? *
What do you really want to experience in sex, intimacy and relationships that you're not currently experiencing? *
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What is your biggest sexual, intimate or relationship challenge that you’d like to solve in the next 6 months? *
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Have you ever worked with a coach or therapist on similar issues. If so, what was the outcome? *
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Working with a coach requires a financial commitment. Are you in a position in which you have disposable income and can afford to invest in yourself without putting yourself in a financial risk? *
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