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Gastroparesis: TPN

Would you like to share feeding tube or TPN story? I'm currently researching feeding tubes/TPN for an article and wanted to add people's stories to it. I get a lot of questions from members about them. The questions are below. I'm not sure what to ask about TPN because I'm not familiar with it yet - still doing research on it - but if you want to send me a message or email about (I hope what I ask isn't too personal - pls skip it if you don't want to answer it) it, and/or anything I've left off in this form, like tips or tricks you know for certain feeding tubes that the doctor might not tell someone who is new to them, please add that in the comments.
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Does TPN hurt? *
Do you feel better with TPN? *
What all is involved with TPN? Is it something that requires home healthcare? Doctor's visits? Something you can do yourself? *
Gastroparesis: No Awareness. No Research. No Cure.
Can you please explain TPN for those who are not familiar with it? *
Is there anything you want people to know about TPN that the doctor doesn't tell you or warn you about? *
Do you have anything besides Gastroparesis (for example, EDS, POTS, etc)? *
Do you have any advice for those who are new to TPN? *
Does TPN help you? *
Can you provide your email address, in case I have any additional questions? *
Do you have any tips and/or tricks to share with someone who may be getting TPN for the first time? *
Did you have a feeding tube before TPN? If so, which one(s)? *
Why do you use TPN? *
Is there anything you want to share about TPN that I might have forgotten to ask? *
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