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Global Menstrual Health Registry - ENGLISH
All around world, organizations and actors are working to address and improve menstrual health. The Menstrual Health Hub is creating a Global Menstrual Health Repository to help those working in this global community better understand who is doing what, where, and how, so that we can work more closely to strengthen collective impact.

Privacy policy: The personal details you provide when filling out the "MH Hub Global Menstrual Health Registry" include the name of your organization, the website address, a one-liner about your organization, the 'PAVING PATHWAY' that best describes your approach to menstrual health, the best contact for your organization (name and email), a detailed description of what your organization does, your organzation's PRIMARY focus on menstrual health, information about your menstrual health program(s), your collaborations, your regional focus, the countries you work in, the address of your headquarters, the target audience of your work, and your input for what will help strengthen your work around menstrual health. We also ask if there is anything else you want to share with the MH Hub. By filling out this form and offering this information, you agree to our privacy policy. More information can be found here:

By being part of the registry you allow us to contact you with more information, about the female and menstrual health community including our Menstrual Memo.
1.a. Who is the best contact for your organization / business? - FIRST NAME
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1.c. What is their email address?
2. What is the name of your organization?
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4. What is the address of your headquarters? Please add a whole address, with a street and a number, as well as a city and a postcode. (Not just a city!) THIS IS HOW WE PLACE YOU ON THE MAP. *
5. Where is your regional focus? Please choose up to 3 regions. *
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8. Please give us a general description of what your organization does (i.e., one-liner, "about us" taken from your website, no more than 100 words)
9. When applicable, what was your reach in 2020 and what is your expected reach by 2025?
10. What are you currently working on? What are you fundraising for right now or seeking to fund? Please share brief information about 1-2 concrete projects / areas.
11. Select all the areas of menstrual health you would like more information about
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