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Apply to the Jamie Hawkins-Gaar Memorial Scholarship
*** DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: April 16, 2021***

The Jamie Hawkins-Gaar Memorial Scholarship offers Atlanta-based improv teams with twice-monthly coaching sessions from Dad’s Garage, for a full year, for free. Improv teams are groups of like-minded individuals who perform short- or long-form improv geared towards a specific concept or interest.

There is no limit on how many people can be on a team; however, the roster must include the same individuals throughout the coaching process. We are especially interested in teams that represent the diversity of race, class, gender, sexuality, etc. reflective of the larger Atlanta community.

The deadline for submissions is April 16, and the winning team will be announced by mid-May 2021.

This scholarship was established to honor the life and legacy of Jamie Hawkins-Gaar, who died in February 2017. A good friend of the Dad’s Garage family, Jamie was a vivacious creative professional who developed and directed a considerable library of online sketches, which garnered hundreds of thousands of views, and wrote several film scripts.

Jamie is missed in endless ways. The thing that's perhaps missed most is his wonderful, booming, contagious laugh.

Improv comedy was very much central to Jamie’s creative passions, and Dad’s Garage is proud to continue Jamie’s legacy of creating awesome work. Through this scholarship program, we hope to foster new and diverse creative voices in Atlanta — something Jamie would have been very excited to see.

Lara Smith, Managing Director of Dad’s Garage Theatre Company
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Please submit a video, no more than five minutes in length, of your group answering these questions. YouTube or Vimeo are preferred. Teams are encouraged to be creative with their videos, but must answer all of the questions.

• Who are you? Please give us background on your group, as well as the individual members.

• What does improv mean to your group?

• Please describe your group’s history with improv performance.

• What does your group hope to gain from this scholarship?

• Diversity of voices and perspectives is an important aspect of this scholarship. How does your group, and the individuals therein, contribute to diversity within the improv community?
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