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We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, urge you to VOTE IN FAVOR of the bulk storage/fugitive dust ordinance*. The residents of Detroit need the protections in this ordinance to keep our air clean to breathe.

The ordinance would stop pet-coke and other carbonaceous materials from being stored in the open or by bodies of water. Requiring the companies to create a fugitive dust mitigation plan and share it with the City will help keep us informed about any violations. It would also require companies sweep the streets around their facilities and clean dust off their trucks before they enter our communities - keeping our neighborhoods clean.

Detroit has been labeled as the “epicenter of asthma” by the MI Dept. of Community Health. The rate of asthma hospitalizations in the city are three times the state average and deaths related to asthma are twice as high. Kids are the ones that suffer the most, with their asthma hospitalization rate being 50% higher than that of adults. We are concerned about the public health impacts caused by fugitive dust from bulk solid material facilities throughout the City of Detroit.

A study commissioned by the City of Chicago found that bulk solid material piles can, in general, be a significant source of particulate matter and contribute to localized exceedances of air quality standards. According to the EPA, even short-term increases in particulate matter exposure can lead to an increase in asthma- related emergency department visits, hospitalizations and asthma attacks. This leads to children missing school and parents missing work. Detroiters can no longer afford the public health and economic costs.

Cities like Los Angeles and Chicago have already passed similar legislation. Please protect our air quality and our ability to breathe - vote yes.


The undersigned individuals and organizations...

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