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We are building a public list of Kenyan female panelists because it's 2016 and manels (male only panels) are not going to cut it anymore.


Are you that great woman who knows her stuff or you'd like to nominate another woman? We'd love to hear from you. Please provide the details about you or your nominee (be sure to let your nominee know that you are doing this) and let's get serious about saying no to manels in Kenya.

Also please spread the message by sharing this link (widely), AND IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR SPEAKERS FOR YOUR EVENT / PANEL, please email


1. Who is behind the #SayNoToManels Initiative?

The SayNoToManels Team is made up of Ory Okolloh, Sophie Gitonga and Nanjira Sambuli

2. I've signed up as a speaker, what happens next?

Your profile is stored in a publicly viewed database. If selected for a speaking engagement by an event organizer, we will provide your contact details to the organizer who will then get in touch with you.

3. If invited to speak on a panel, do I get paid?

Some events offer stipends for speakers. You can also ask the organizer if they have a budget for speakers

4. Will my travel and accommodation expenses be covered?

Travel and accommodation are typically covered by the organizer.

5. Are there training opportunities for novice speakers?

The SayNoToManels Team will from time to time organize public speaking workshops to which you can be invited

6. Do I need to pay a fee to join the database?

It's free to join

7. How do I find women speakers for my event?

Check out the database on this link and write to to get specific contacts

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