Surfside Reservation Form

Please review the following rules and regulations before filling out the reservation form on the following page.

    Revelle Family Student Center (Surfside) Rules and Regulations Revised 5/9/14 Surfside is intended for the sole use of the Scripps graduate student community and is scheduled and managed by the SIO Department Office. The following regulations cover reservation, approval, and event management of the space. Use of the space is contingent on acknowledging, understanding, and agreeing to abide by these regulations. *Reservations* 1) All events must be reserved through and approved by the SIO Department Office. 2) All weekend events and any events with alcohol must additionally be approved by the Scripps Forum Manager. Events may need to be altered to work with events scheduled at the Forum. 3) Event reservations requesting alcohol will not be acknowledged without a completed alcohol permit request form. Events with alcohol must be reserved at least three weeks in advance. 4) All Surfside events must have a current Scripps graduate student as the primary contact. Non-student reservations must be reserved through the Scripps Forum Manager and will be subject to usage fees. 5) Short-term use of Surfside (studying, playing the piano, etc.) is open to current Scripps graduate students only and is subject to availability. *Alcohol* 1) Alcohol permits are required for all events where alcohol will be consumed. 2) Alcohol permit requests must be submitted at least three weeks in advance of the event date. 3) Alcohol permit request forms can be downloaded here: 4) Requests must detail the following: a. Serving hours – must end at least one hour before event ends b. Exact quantity of alcohol provided c. Amount of drinks per person (which should not be more than one drink per person per hour) d. Names of bartenders e. How attendance will be controlled f. How consumption of alcohol will be controlled 5) Events requesting alcohol will not receive final approval until the alcohol permit is signed by the UC San Diego Police Department. 6) Events with more than 25 guests may be required to use a licensed bartender to serve alcohol. *Keys* 1) Surfside keys must be picked up from the Department Office during normal business hours, Monday through Friday 8:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:30pm. 2) Keys must be returned before 12:00pm on the following business day. 3) Keys must be picked up and returned by the primary contact or another individual listed in the original reservation unless other arrangements have been made with and acknowledged by the Department Office. *Room* 1) Events will abide by start and end times listed in the original reservation. 2) All events must end by 10:00pm at the latest. 3) Event organizers must securely lock all Surfside doors as well as the internal and external bathroom doors. 4) Event organizers must clean up after events: wipe down counters, clear out refrigerator, clean any spills on the floor, wash dishes and clear out sink, and empty trash cans.