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2020 BerryFest FOOD Vendor Application
Event Date: May 9-10, 2020
Event Address: Royer Park, Roseville, CA
Contact us at 916-787-0101 or
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Deposit: $400 **Required in order for application to be accepted. *
22% of gross sales is due at the close of the event minus the $400 deposit. **FOR EXAMPLE: If 22% of your gross sales at the end of the event equals $1,000 the $400 deposit you paid will be subtracted. You will then owe $600. *
Please select an option that most closely resembles your set-up. *
Would you like to purchase electricity? *
Please note that power hook-up requests upon arrival for set-up will not be granted. Power MUST be pre-ordered. There are no free outlets available for charging phones, running cash registers, lights, etc. For coordination purposes we must know in advance if your set-up requires electricity. Please type your name below as an acknowledgment that you have read and understand. *
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Placer County Health Permit Number **REQUIRED** If you will be applying for a temporary permit please type in, "Will Obtain". *
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Photos of your food and of your booth/trailer/truck are required. Please email a minimum of two photos, one of your food, and one of your booth/trailer/truck, to **Please type "[Business Name] Photos" in the subject line of the email. *
FOOD TRUCKS: Please select the side where your service window is located. *
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Please list your menu items and prices. Be thorough. Only items listed will be approved for sale at the event. *
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At BerryFest we try to eliminate the sale of duplicate food items. For example, if you are selected as our mini donut vendor, we will not approve the sale of mini donuts by any other food vendor. Only menu items listed above will be approved for sale. Any items not listed on this application will not be approved for sale at the event. For example, if you do not list mini donuts as a menu item but have mini donuts for sale at the event you will not be permitted to sell that item and will be asked to remove it from your menu. Non compliance will be considered a violation of this policy, which will result in termination from the event and a forfeit of your deposit. *
You must include at least one strawberry food item on your menu in order to participate. This item cannot be strawberry lemonade or chopped raw strawberries as a topping. Please describe your strawberry item. *
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Do you require gray water disposal? *
Do you require oil disposal? *
How many helpers/workers will be in your booth for the weekend? *
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Do you require handicap parking? *
Notes to Coordinator:
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