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1.Have you got
Don't know
a desktop computer?
a laptop computer or netbook?
A cell phone or a Blackberry or iPhone or other device that is also a cell phone?
An electronic book device or e-Book reader, such as Kindle or Sony Digital Book?
An iPod or other MP3 player?
A game console like Xbox or Play Station?
A tablet computer like an iPad?
2.Do you use the Internet?
3.How often do you use the Internet?
4.Where do you use the internet
Your bedroom (or other private room) at home?
Living room (or other public room) at home?
At school?
In an internet cafe?
In a public library or other public space?
At a friend's home?
At a relative's home?
When "out and about" (via a mobile phone, etc.)?
5.Do you use the internet
Don't Know/Can't Remember
for school work?
to watch video clips?
to download music or films?
to read or watch the news on the internet?
6. Have you got your own profile on a social networking site?
Your answer
7. Is your profile set to
Your answer
8. Which social networking site do you use? If you use more than one, please name the one you use most often.
9.Which of the following do you know how to do on the internet?
Don't know
Delete the record of sites you have visited 
Change privacy settings on a social networking profile.
Block messages from someone you don't want  to hear from 
Find information on how to use the internet
10. Which of the following things have you done in the past month on the Internet ?
Don't Know/Can't Remember
Sent or received an email?
Visited a social networking profile (yours or somebody else's)?
Visited a chat room?
Used instant messaging?
Played games with other people on the internet?
Spent time in a virtual world (i.e. Habbo, Neopets, Teen Second Life, etc. )?
11. Are you
A male?
A female?
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