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★ ★ ★ ★ THE RULES ★ ★ ★ ★

◈ Be mindful of your fellow man. You are affiliated with the free company, and are therefore representatives of who we are and how we operate. Keep all OOC conversation to /party, /tell, or an appropriate OOC linkshell. Do not excessively speak OOC in RP channels (unless correctly a spelling error or something of the sort).
◈ If we receive complaints and proper evidence to back up said, appropriate action will be taken. If you yourself are having trouble with a free company affiliate or member, be sure to take screen-shots of the conversation. Racism, sexism, homophobic remarks, or anything of the sort will not be tolerated and any complaints given to an officer with proper evidence will result in immediate dismissal of the offending party. If evidence cannot be offered, the officers reserve the right to look into the matter and base the ending decision on what they find. Take care not to say things that others may find offensive, be this in free company chat or otherwise. Any grievances should be handled maturely and with the other player in mind.
◈ If you think you're entering a compromising situation, take screen-shots.
◈ You must be at least moderately active as dictated by the position overviews. We understand that real life situations may keep you away from the game, and this is fine. We however do not want your main free company member to be that alt that you thought would be a cool idea, but only really want to RP on every other Thursday of the month.
◈ If you are to ERP, do so in private channels. While we obviously will not make any attempt to infringe upon your role play experience, you must be mindful of the fact that others either may not want to see that sort of thing, or are not of age. This, coupled with the mature theme of the Isles of Paradise would go far to soil our reputation.
◈ Keep conversations about controversial topics - real world politics, races, religions, ethnicity, sexuality, cultural topics etc. - out of free company chat, linkshells, and Discord. Likewise, keep all debates about said topics - in game - to private channels. This means keep it out of linkshells (unless they allow said type of talk), out of /yell (unless it is an IC discussion), out of /shout, /em, or /say (unless it is an IC discussion).
◈ Do not meta-game [using OOCly attained information ICly].
◈ The Enchanted Lotus has zero tolerance for drama or slander of any kind. Those who speak ill fitting comments made to/about other people/companies will be removed from the free company.

★ ★ ★ ★ NSFW CHANNEL RULES ★ ★ ★ ★

1. DO NOT POST PERSONAL NUDES (This will result in auto-ban and kick from discord and fc)

2. Art, discussion, and things of that nature are a-okay! As long as it's not of yourself! Or anyone else in the Discord, FC, or Gaming community we share!

3. Did I say no nudes of yourself? Do not post 'nudes'. Of yourself, your friend, your grandmother- don't do it. Got it? Got it. Good.

4. If someone seems uncomfortable, please drop the discussion immediately. Hands down, another person's comfort comes before any topic.


We strive to be an inclusive community -- we welcome beginners and choose to teach by example over policing others' RP quality.

We do not tolerate harassment of other players, hate speech, or slurs.

This is a positive, supportive space -- however, this is not the place to go to with your problems outside of the game. Please keep all personal information out of this channel.
Please do not discuss other players, FCs, or communities in the negative light. Please do not bring in drama from tumblr, RCP, or anywhere else in game. First offense will result in a warning, second will get you removed from the channel.

Should you have a problem with another member, contact the admin (Isamu Minakomori[Lex] or Kai Minakomori), or take it to PMs. Do try to leave your grievances at the door -- we are here to have fun, and to make RP fun for others!

Finally, this is a channel made by the community for the community -- so if you're excited with the prospect of participating in events, meeting new faces, and helping others grow, this is the place for you

Have you read and understood the rules?
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