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DFLA Endorsement Questionnaire
Please respond to the following questions.  With the exception of the Pro-Life for the Whole Life Pledge, no answers here will be made public, except to the Board and Candidate Committee, which will use them to consider any endorsements or public statements.

Thank you.
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While DFLA agrees with the overwhelming majority of the Democratic Platform, we are concerned about abortion extremism that does not represent the views of ordinary Americans. What do you think the law should state about abortion? *
DFLA believes that while the law is important, we can also combat abortion by supporting pregnant women encouraging positive choices, and building a culture of life. Which of the following do you support? *
Please elaborate as needed on any of the above. *
Being pro-life is about more than just abortion. Which of the following policies do you support? Note that DFLA does not take a formal position on some of these policies (e.g., single-payer healthcare) *
Please elaborate as needed on any of the above statements. *
In office, what would you do to advance the Pro-Life for the Whole Life agenda in your community? *
Outside of life issues, what are your priorities as a candidate? *
Why are you a Democrat? *
Why are you an attractive candidate in your community? *
Have you started fundraising? *
The Pro-Life for the Whole Life Pledge reads: "I pledge to advocate actively for the protection of every innocent human being from violence, both before and after birth. I will never vote to end or reduce legal protections for pre-born children, and I will vote pro-life as an elected representative. I also support positive efforts to end abortion, racism, and poverty. Critical to these efforts are legal protection from violence, improved education, and better access to healthcare. " Do you agree to this? *
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