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CC Design Course Inquiry
This course is designed for social entrepreneurs, development workers, researchers and
enthusiastic agents of change who are ready to co-create sustainable and cooperative economies.
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(Course fees for international students are generally $974 USD for a 1 week course). Note that we are a non-profit foundation and do not offer scholarships.
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Students who enroll in this course are expected to have: 1. a strong interest in community development with specific communities in mind; and 2. a basic knowledge of project management and economics.Required Pre-Reading and Viewing: People Powered Money by the New Economics Foundation (free online at Grassroots Economics Website:
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If you are part of or have worked with a Community or Complementary Currency please let us know about it - or put in a website if avalaible
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CCs are used as a tool for many purposes - which would you say are your primary interests?
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