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调查表 Survey for Learning Mandarin Language

Dear all,
Thank you very much for your time to participate in this survey. Mandarin Playground would like to understand your thoughts about learning Chinese language and culture. All information that you provide is complete anonymous.

调查问卷-家长部分 Survey about Parents
您所在的城市是?Which city do you live? (e.g., Seattle, WA)
您家讲普通话的情况?How many people speak Mandarin at your house?
您家还讲其他语言吗? What other languages do you speak at your house?
家长工作情况? Are you working?
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您每月在中文教育上的预算? How much would you like to spend on Chinese language education per month?
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家长受教育程度?What is the highest education level in your family?
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您有几个小孩? How many children do you have?
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您的孩子的年龄段?How old are your kids?
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