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Jodphur Business Ventures Client Registry
Please register for an import/export account here. All questions are critical to our understanding of the services that you require.
email address *
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complete name as listed on ID *
The account holder will be asked to submit a verifiable ID that matches the name listed here.
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business / entity name
If the person registering wishes to be associated with a business(s) that business or entity should be listed here.
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phone number 1 *
Primary number to reach the account holder. Cell number is preferred so that text can be sent rather than voice message.
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phone number 2
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origin address *
If you are an exporter in the USA for example typically shipping from the same origin address, you would enter that address here. If you are making purchases from different sellers or origins, please enter the country(s) from which the purchase will originate.
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destination address *
If known, this would be the importers (your) address of record. If not certain, please specify the country(s) of destination.
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general description of cargo *
Examples: excess baggage, electronics, cosmetics, textiles, edible, machines, tools, auto parts, etc.
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notices *
Please confirm that we have disclosed the following by checking the boxes.
Questions *
If you have questions concerning the above or other matters, such as shipment schedules, rates, and locations, please enter them below.
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