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Assistance with Kimono Dressing for the Mondale Gala 2017
We will contact you for the appointment and the details before the event.
Please read the following link and make sure to bring all items we need.
***Do not forget to bring 3 koshi himo (cords or strips of cotton) and 2 thin towels as well.***
Upon your reservations, we request a $20 or more donation for this service.
If you are mailing a check to us for your reservation, the address is:
Japan America Society of Minnesota
43 Main Street SE / EH-131 / Minneapolis MN 55414.

Japan America Society of Minnesota
43 Main Street SE / EH-131 / Minneapolis MN 55414

Date: Saturday, October 28th, 2017 / 2017年10月28日土曜日
Location: Oak Ridge Country Club at Hopkins, MN / ホプキンス市 オークリッジカントリークラブ

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How many times you have worn Kimono? / これまでに何度着物をお召しになられましたか? *
Type of Kimono you will bring / ご持参されるお着物の種類 Furisode, Homongi, Komon, etc. / 振袖、訪問着、小紋など *
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Type of Obi you will bring / ご持参される帯の種類 Fukuro Obi, Nagoya Obi, etc. / 袋帯、名古屋帯など *
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Time you are NOT available on the day of Mondale Gala. / 当日の午後のうち、ご都合の悪い時間をお知らせください。 *
Donation / $20 per person 寄付金のお支払い方法 / お一人20ドル *
If you have any questions, please write down below. / ご質問等ございましたら、以下に詳細をご記入ください。
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